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• Manager de transition ayant exécuté 10 missions en 10 ans comme DAF, CFO ou Controller dans différents secteurs (matériaux de construction, chimie et pharma, services, communications, téléphone, distribution)en Belgique, France et USA

Work Experience in Financial Interim Management ( 15 assignments ranging from 6 to 18 months) former CFAO of major corporations, multilingual, 59, Brussels based fully fletched, all aspects of finance and control in multi-national major corporations (Europe, USA) both operational and strategic responsibilities in different industries and services entrepreneurial, pragmatic, innovative, business partner, driver of change adept of shareholder value management, activity-based-costing and profit improving initiatives watchdog of best practice, corporate governance and codes of precision operational, strategic and financial business plans, valuations, acquisitions and mergers implementation of global MIS and management reporting in major corporations international tax structures, transfer pricing and treasury proven track-record of successful interim assignments high level business relations and references first class presentation skills, educational and training experience

(1780 Wemmel Be)

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